Battle Maps

Battle maps are a vivid reminder that wars are often a struggle for territory. Through the lines on a a map we cheer the advance of our armies toward victory or we suffer their retreat from an objective denied. And we conjure up the smoke and roar of violent conflict from the place names on a map, names like Gettysburg, Verdun, Inchon, Bunker Hill, Normandy, and Khe Sanh.

Battle maps are useful tools to the fighting man, whether he’s in a fox hole or at headquarters plotting an assault, and they offer a spellbinding insight into the combat for the civilians following the war back home. And after the guns have been silenced they give the historian a focus for his study.

For these reasons, battle maps are especially popular with collectors. The subject is broad enough to merit book length treatment, but we can take a look at a few examples here to get a flavor for the field.

Here are a few examples of battle maps currently listed in our eBay store, chosen from conflicts involving the United States.

Original 1850 Map FLORIDA Seminole War Military Trails Forts Battles Railroads

1927 GUIDE TO AMERICAN BATTLE FIELDS Insignia Fold-Out Maps World War One Europe

1952 Korean War Battle Line Map FAR EAST Seoul Japan China Indonesia Manchuria

Original Civil War Map PETERSBURG 1863 Rebel Batteries Dimmock Line Virginia

1944 D-Day Invasion Map GERMANY France Prussia Paris Berlin Ardennes Metz Poland

1932 Map GEORGE WASHINGTON Revolutionary War Mount Vernon Boston Trenton Travels

A wide array of fine maps exist of many other battles through history, from the Gallic Wars to the current conflict in Afghanistan. Please feel free to browse our eBay website or contact us on our contact page.

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