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Welcome to the Vault! Join us in a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at our map vault containing over 100,000 authentic maps.

French Nautical Map

Missouri & Kansas Map

Bay & Washington Counties Florida


Charlie comes in at minute 25:00.

In this interview with Rare Book Cafe', Charlie discusses maps in atlases and the value of having an in-tact atlas vs. loose maps from an atlas.


In some cases, map marks may make a vintage or antique map more interesting, but does nothing for the value. In other cases, marks may hurt the value of the map. In special cases, the marks, depending on who made them and why, may add value to an antique or vintage map.


Five tips of how to best frame your antique map to keep it safe and looking its best.

Check out our blog about Tips for Framing a Map here.


A quick lesson by Charlie Neuschafer in how to flatten a folded map so you can frame it.

Once you're done flattening your map, check out our blog about Tips for Framing a Map here.


Charlie offers tips and tricks about how to figure out the date a road map is printed.

The Rand McNally & H.M. Gousha map codes mentioned in the video can be found in our blog post on the same subject here.


Charlie discusses some great resources such as books, magazines, and dealer's guides for gathering information on vintage and antique maps.


Did you know that most loose maps have come from one atlas or another? Take a journey with Charlie as he talks about two complete atlases: "Rand McNally & Co.'s Enlarged Business Atlas" & "Johnson's New Illustrated (steel plate) Family Atlas"


Johnson Map Project Map Identifier link


Charlie shows us how to make simple and easy repairs to maps with chips and tears.


Follow along with Charlie as he demonstrates how to date a globe!


Obtaining an old globe is so exciting but one of the challenges is figuring out when it was made. They typically did not have a date or serial number, so you really have to rely on geography.


A quick video of Charlie sharing why authenticity is important when collecting antique maps.


Before Google Maps, GPS devices and MapQuest, we had road maps, but what did we have before road maps?


Journey back in time as Charlie discusses how we navigated the roads before the maps and technology of today existed.


We're all familiar with road maps, but in this video, we'll be talking about alternate forms of transportation and the maps we use to get around.


Deltiology is the study and collection of post cards and we happen to have a large selection of post cards featuring maps (and other interesting images) for sale!


Follow along with Charlie as he demonstrates how we use tubes for shipping antique maps and other paper items without folding or bending.


Follow along with Charlie as he demonstrates how we pack flat maps for shipping here at New World Maps.


A little look at our set up at 2019's HistoryMiami Museum's 26th Annual International Map Fair!


Charlie shows off our booth and some of our beautiful maps.


Skip to minute 20:00 to see Charlie.

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