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10 Reasons Maps Make the Perfect Gift

The World of Maps


Let's face it, sometimes finding the perfect gift seems impossible, but have you ever thought of giving the gift of a vintage or antique map?

We have more than 5,000 different antique and collectible maps in our eBay store, dating from the early 1700s to the late 1900s, covering geographic areas as small as your own neighborhood and as big as our entire galaxy.

Any one of these maps could be the perfect gift to put a smile on the face of any hard-to-shop-for person on your list, a treasure from the past that’ll make an ideal present.

1. A map is unexpected. Maps usually aren't the go-to for gift ideas, which makes it an unexpected, thoughtful, and unique surprise.

2. Trace your lineage. Find where ancestors traveled or settled. They can be used to trace old family lands, find your coat of arms, and discover the details of those who line or past.

3. Tell your love story. Find a map of the place of each of your birth. Then where you met, got engaged, said, “I do,” where your kids were born, etc.

4. Create a beautiful collage. Collect a map from all the places you’ve lived and add the phrase, “Home is where the heart is,” to center your masterpiece.

5. Maps have a life all their own. The treasure of holding a rare piece of history, something held by an explorer or sea captain from long ago, a tool used for navigation and discovery, is no mere gift. It’s an intangible experience.

6. Symbols of important ideas. Think about a military map from the Revolutionary war where our ancestors fought for freedom.

7. Crucible for thought. A map can resonate with the social and political currents that inspired their creation.

8. Adventures and exploration! Plan an interactive day of discovery with a map detailing a place that is now a ghost town.

9. Solve mysteries and battle monsters. Marvel at monsters placed in early maps to fill the space of unknown territories.

10. Share a memory. A road map of a special place such as a national park or the city of someone's birth, from the very year it became special is not only a thoughtful gift idea, it is deeply personal. Consider writing notes of why it’s special and then framing it using these tips or watching the video below for guidance. You can even find a post card to add that extra special touch.

Nearly anything that can be considered special can be found within the lines of a map. If you are looking for a unique, thoughtful, inexpensive tribute to the memories shared with a loved one, the gift of an antique or vintage map is one exceptional way to show you care.


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