Canada's Provincial Maps

During the current travel restrictions imposed by concerns over Covid-19, travel to Canada, and even within Canada on a province-to-province basis, is a challenge for those who hunger for a visit to these northern latitudes.

But a wide range of colorful and informative maps are readily available, enabling us to enjoy virtual visits to Canada’s ten provinces and three territories. Here’s a helpful link of a source for up-to-date travel information and details on how to get free current road maps from various governmental agencies:

If your interests may take you back through time, and you would like to see earlier examples of road maps issued by the various provinces and territories, you will be able to find many examples online, as well as in antique malls, flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops, and book fairs.

Most provinces have been issuing official road maps since the mid- to late-1920s. The passage of time and the growing popularity of collectible road maps, however, has tended to make these earlier provincial maps a bit hard to find, but that just gives you an extra dose of satisfaction when you find one.

For more information on collecting road maps, I enthusiastically recommend membership in the Road Map Collectors Association (RMCA). For a small dues fee you get a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, The Legend, which contains articles about collecting, map makers, and cartography, as well as full access to the RMCA website, including a complete listing of all official road maps issued by Canada’s provinces and territories. Here’s how to get in touch with the RMCA:

Below are a few provincial road maps available in our eBay store; the last in the list is an official highway map of Canada, issued by the Canadian Government Travel Bureau:

1939 QUEBEC Je Me Souviens Official Highway Road Map Canada Chicoutimi Montréal

1966 ONTARIO Official Highway Road Map Toronto Ottawa Hamilton Sudbury Canada

1968 Official Highway Road Map NOVA SCOTIA Canada Sydney Halifax Dartmouth

1972 MANITOBA Official Highway Road Map Winnipeg Canada Selkirk Flin Flon

1973 NEW BRUNSWICK Official Highway Road Map Canada Fredericton Bathurst Green

1974 BRITISH COLUMBIA Official Highway Road Map Canada Vancouver Fishing Hunting

1988 SASKATCHEWAN Official Highway Road Map Regina Saskatoon Moose Jaw Canada

1967 Official Government TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY Centennial Road Map Maple Leaf

If you have questions about any of these maps or would like help finding other provincial maps or figuring out how to date a map you may already have, you are welcome to reach out to us via our contact page or any of our social media.

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